SendRegning API

SendRegning is an invoicing system with an emphasis on user experience and providing a standardized solution that covers most invoicing scenarios. SendRegning is a Norwegian system, specialized in sending invoices within Norway, although other currencies and invoices in English are available.

About the API

Our API is REST based and is designed to achieve level 3 of the Richardson Maturity Model. This means:

  1. There are separate resources for the various aspects of our domain
  2. The API uses the appropriate HTTP verbs: GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE
  3. Resources are linked to enable exploration of the API and implementation based on the desired action rather than the actual URL

We use the same API we publish for our own front end. This ensures that the API is well tested, and that it offers the necessary power and flexibility. All core functionality of SendRegning is available in the current API, but some advanced features have not yet been refactored. We will be continuing to refactor existing functionality until everything that is possible to do in SendRegning’s front end will also be possible via the API.


Keep in mind there’s no test environment. Every request performed against will have consequences on production environment.


Pricing is the same as if the invoices had been sent through our own front end. Volume discounts are available for customers sending more than 1 000 invoices per year.

Getting started

In order to use the API you must have access to a SendRegning account. Signing up is free, and so is sending the first invoice. If you are making an integration we recommend creating an account in your own name first for testing purposes.

If you contact us at we can set up your account so everything except sending paper invoices is free as long as the account is used for testing purposes.